Comedy Central's Key & Peele featured a hilarious Neil deGrasse Tyson parody Wednesday night that has already gone viral.

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Tyson, who recently reached a new level of fame by hosting Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, was parodied to brilliant effect on Key & Peele this week.

Jordan Peele plays Tyson while Keegan-Michael Key plays his wife. Tyson's wife tries to argue with the beloved scientist on multiple occasions, but he proceeds to look at the camera, not blinking, and deliver extended monologues about the grand scheme of life and the universe. His wife then concedes every time.

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Some highlights:

On not taking their dog Sputnik outside, resulting in him peeing on the drapes:

"This brings us to a fascinating possibility - that maybe, what we experience as one point in time-space could actually be a legion of points, which would mean that your curtains and little Sputnik's peeped could be as distant from one another as we are from the furthest galaxy."

On not being dressed for his wife's aunt's funeral:

"If we were to chart the history of the universe on one calendar year, the history of mankind as we know it would just take place in the final second of that year. So, whether I'm ready now or in 500 years, well, cosmically speaking the distinction is meaningless!"

On being accused of having an affair:

"Many physicists including Stephen Hawking now believe that there is an infinite number of universes. It's called multiverse theory. And it suggests that there are an infinite number of universes in which, I didn't have sex with that white woman."

Tyson has yet to comment on the parody.