'Pokemon Go' Release Date: Go Outside & Catch 'Em All, New Mobile Game & Wearable On The Way [VIDEO]


Grab your Pokéballs and head outside - Pokémon Go is ready to bring the hunt to the real world.

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The Pokémon Company will team up with Niantic to bring the world of Pokémon to Android an iOS in early 2016. No longer will you have to clutch your DS to catch 'em all - now you can head out the door and track down Pikachu and Bulbasaur on your way to school. Just stay out of the tall grass.

Players can also snatch up the game's new wearable, Pokémon Go Plus The watch-like device will glow and vibrate as you approach a Pokémon, and just a click of the button will allow you to snatch up your latest friend, according to Verge.

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Creator Shigeru Miyamoto hopes parents and children will use the Go Plus together, according to Kotaku. After all, the kids who originally fell in love with the world of Pokémon now have kids of their own.

As a bonus, the mobile app has the potential to connect to the franchise's tent poll games.

"I'm thinking about how this game will connect with titles in the main series of Pokémon games," Masuda said, according to Kotaku.

Check out the trailer to find out more.

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