Yoko Blames Paul for Beatle's Breakup in Newly Released Interview

Yoko Ono believed that it was not her who broke up The Beatles and blames Paul McCartney.

In a recently discovered interview from 1987, Ono blamed McCartney for the "divorce" of the famous British band.

Ono was interviewed by Rolling Stones Magazine's Joe Smith in October 1987 and the recording was uploaded to the website of the Library of Congress.

"The Beatles were getting very independent," Ono told Smith during the interview reported by The Huffington Post. "Each one of them [was] getting independent. John, in fact, was not the first who wanted to leave the Beatles. [We saw] Ringo [Starr] one night with Maureen [Starkey Tigrett], and he came to John and me and said he wanted to leave. George [Harrison] was next, and then John."

Ono continued: "Paul [McCartney] was the only one trying to hold the Beatles together. But the other three thought Paul would hold the Beatles together as his band. They were getting to be like Paul's band, which they didn't like."

During an interview with David Frost that was released in November, McCartney said that he does not blame Ono for the band's breakup.

"She certainly didn't break the group up, the group was breaking up," McCartney said, according to Zap2It. "I don't think you can blame her for anything. ... When Yoko came along, part of her attraction was her avant-garde side, her view of things, so she showed him another way to be, which was very attractive to him. So it was time for John to leave, he was definitely going to leave."

The Library of Congress created the Joe Smith Collection which includes recordings of 225 interviews by the retired music executive with big names that includes Ray Charles, Dick Clark, B.B. King, Barbra Streisand and many more.

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