Is there a chance that Klaus and Elijah might work things out on The Originals?

Rebekah Is In 'As Much Danger' As Her Brothers Are On 'The Originals'

In a promo released last Thursday for the next episode, the two brothers are having a conversation about Marcel and having to do something medieval to get what they need. Since these two might be working together, Klaus asks his brother if he's finally forgiven him.

Not surprisingly enough, Elijah says that he'll consider it..."when Hell freezes over."

Actor Says New 'Big Bads' Are Coming To 'The Originals'

While that ought to cause more bitter tension, Marcel receives an offer, but it's from someone who puts him in a choke hold and will not stop to get what she wants.

Meanwhile, Jason Dohring who plays detective Will Kinney on the series, previously told The Hollywood Reporter how things will continue when his character discovers horrible murders taking place. He works with people he thinks he can trust as he gradually comes to the conclusion that there's something too suspicious going on.

"There's a gruesome discovery made in the courtyard. [Will] calls in his friend and confidant, Vincent, to help solve it because he's into the occult and he knows that sort of thing," Dohring said. "He winds up working with Cami as well to build a profile for who this guy could be. He doesn't know anything is out of the ordinary, particularly, until maybe the sixth episode in."

The Originals airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.