Jared Leto News: 'Suicide Squad' Actor Makes Kind Thanksgiving Gesture To Neighbors As Apology For Raucous Halloween Party [PHOTO]

Neighbors of Jared Leto who were peeved when the actor threw a wild and loud Halloween party last month were the recipients of a sweet Thanksgiving treat from the actor in an effort to make up for the problems he caused.

Leto, who moved into his upscale Laurel Canyon neighborhood earlier this year, allegedly pissed off his neighbors during his Halloween bash at the 53,000 square foot property, which includes eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a bomb shelter, several kitchens and living areas, a screening room, an art gallery and swimming pool.

According to TMZ, neighbors at the time were pissed off about the bash, claiming his guests "wreaked havoc" on the neighborhood, and one person even reportedly called Leo a "d**k" for not getting his guests a shuttle service.

However, the actor appears to have tried to make nice with his neighbors since, by purchasing pumpkin pies from Whole Foods ahead of Thanksgiving, and writing "Happy Thanksgiving! From: Your Neighbor, Jared Leto," on them before delivering them to individual houses.

It is unclear how many pies Leto handed out, but one of the neighbors who received the pie did take to Twitter to officially welcome the actor to the neighborhood and thank him for the kind gesture.

"Happy Thanksgiving to you too @JaredLeto. Thanks for the pie. So good. Welcome to the neighborhood!" Craig Brockie wrote.

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