Dogs are man's best friend. And this has been proven countless of times through testimonials or even videos uploaded on various social media. We've seen videos of how they cute and adorable they are at home with the entire family. Heard testimonials of how heroic they can be in saving lives of others in times of distress and calamities. All kinds of stories telling us how they became man's best friend.

But just because they're more closer to humans compared to other animals, does not mean they no longer have other friends. They can be friends with cats, elephants or even baby monkeys too. They can be best friends with other animals.

So it comes with no surprise when this four-legged animal play with another four-legged animal that is not from his kind. Still you can't help but feel amazed by how they get along. Chasing around on this big open field is a dog and his bestfriend "Easter," the donkey.