America's Next Top Model concluded its 22nd cycle Friday night, which is also its last cycle ever!

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Girls have won from Cycle 1 through Cycle 20. Cycle 20 was the first cycle guys could compete in, but they didn't succeed in winning until Keith Carlos claimed Cycle 21's title and now Nyle DiMarco gets to join him as the second male winner since he is Cycle 22's winner.

DiMarco came into this competition as the only deaf competitor, but regardless of not being able to hear and needing an interpreter throughout filming, proved he can model like any hearing person. Plus, he has the most stunning eyes!

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Anyway, the model cannot believe he won!

"I still CAN'T believe it," he gushed on Twitter in response to Tyra Banks tweeting, "@NyleDiMarco U R the Last America's Next Top Model!"

"I can't wait 2 C the legacy U build," Banks further stated, adding, "Make me PROUD!"

DiMarco is so happy to have won this cycle especially since it has given him such a huge platform as someone from the deaf community.

"Thank you Tyra and #ANTM for giving me a voice!!!" he beamed on Twitter.

On Instagram he even shared a photo shoot shot of himself with Banks, admitting in the caption of it, "I am still at a loss for words. I won! I WON!! I am AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL! AND THE LAST WINNER. AND WHO HAPPENS TO BE DEAF!"


DiMarco certainly ended the series' run with a huge, history-making win!

He then enlightened the masses looking at his photo with Banks, sharing, "I was extremely nervous."

He did add that their "energy quickly formed and multiplied," which obviously translate since that shot is fierce!

"I'm keeping this photo and experience forever in my heart," the model said, adding, "Thank you Tyra. Thank you ANTM. Thank you Miss J, Kelly and Yu Tsai for believing in me and giving me the voice! I will never disappoint you all and I will keep thriving! I LOVE YOU ALL."