It's always a big deal in the music industry when the Grammy nominees are announced. Even performers who claim to have no interest in awards sit up and pay attention when the nominations go public.

And while the media dissects the odds on who will win, who will lose, and why some artists were overlooked, social media gives performers a venue to express their own opinions on this prestigious award shows. Many are gracious and polite in the face of nominations (or lack thereof), but others have no problem sounding off about their grievances with the music industry in general and the Grammys in particular. See what your favorite musicians had to say about the Grammy nominations, and get your bets ready on who will win when the show airs on February 16th.

Ed Sheeran Keeps It Classy

The crooner was charmingly humble about his multiple nominations for 'Thinking Out Loud,' keeping it short and sweet and he thanked everyone for the honor. Sheeran will be in good company at the Grammys; his longtime friend Taylor Swift earned 7 nominations for 1989. Maybe we'll get a duet performance?

Lady Gaga Sends A Message

Posting a heartfelt thank you on Instagram for her nomination, Lady Gaga took advantage of the moment to remind people of the important message behind her powerful song, 'Til It Happens To You.' The song, co-written with Diane Warren, was featured in the 2015 documentary The Hunting Ground, which took on the topic of campus rape. Gaga made a point to advocate for awareness, even as she thanked the Grammys and fans on social media.

Justin Bieber Shared The Love

It takes more than one performer to make a hit, and Justin Bieber made sure that everyone involved with "Where R U Now?" got congratulated, including music producer Skrillex and the rest of the powerhouse producing team.

Drake's Fans Celebrate The Diss

Who knew a diss track could lead to awards season glory? Apparently Drake, whose "Back To Back" track (which creatively rips into fellow rapper Meek Mill) might end up being the first time a diss track earns a Grammy award. Although he's not the most nominated artist at the Grammys (that honor goes to Kendrick Lamar who walked away with an impressive 11 nods), Drake's diss track is certainly one of the most talked about. But the question haunting Twitter is this: if Drake does win, will he thank the subject of the track in his speech?

One Direction Fans Are Not Pleased

Although the bands' hit album Made In The A.M. missed the cutoff date for the Grammy nominations, fans across the globe are still outraged that the hit record didn't get the group some love come awards season. Some fans are going so far as to petition the Grammys to reconsider what they believe to be an inexcusable oversight.

Meghan Trainor Is Excited, But We're Confused