Following the release of Apple's Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S owners, the rest of the world is condemning the latest tech tycoon's move as an embarrassment.

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The folks from The Verge, among other review sites, grilled the Apple-branded battery case, saying that it has a "badunkabump." "From a purely technical standpoint, the Smart Battery Case doesn't offer as much extra battery life as competitors do. And, oh my. That bump."

The battery case is intended to compete against the iconic Mophie. For smartphone owners who have been used to the slim and slick design of the iPhone, it looks like Apple needs to convince its market more.

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"It fits nicely in holiday stockings. 'Tis the season. Just know that from a pure performance and even a design perspective, Apple's effort is not the best you can get."

Hopefully, its rumored release of the iPhone 7 is enough to make up for it.