Apple does it every year and we wonder how they do it. From iPhones to iPads and now the Apple Watch, Apple just keeps getting better. Rumor has it we will be blessed with another smartphone this fall when the iPhone 6S will come out. Steve Jobs set the bar extremely high, leaving everyone watching Tim Cook for the next edging innovation. Yet, the ultimate consumer cry is not always for more edgy and hands free experiences, but to improve and upgrade existing features.

Apple spends millions on upgrading their devices. Yet, in their futuristic outlook, developers can sometimes forget the smaller features or aspects in what initially grab the consumer's attention. Consumers are not always looking for edgy and advance but improvements on the basics. Although Apple has plans to implement new features such as a flexible iPhone, sidewall display and face recognition, users still holdout for improvements to current applications such as FaceTime, internet download, customization and stronger front screen glass. Improving some of the old features users have become accustomed to would greatly enhance loyalty to the Apple brand. Below are 4 Much Needed Upgrades Apple should incorporate into the next release of the Iphone 6 series.

Add to FaceTime

FaceTime is Apple's video calling service. It allows anyone with a recent iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac to make free calls to any other Apple user (Ritchie, 2013). It is great to switch from a regular call to a FaceTime call, talking to and seeing family and friends. However, users can only FaceTime one caller at a time. If Apple upgrades its FaceTime feature to allow conversations with multiple people, it would intimately transform the connection between family, and friends.

Add Download Ability

Unlike Android smartphone users, Apple users are unable to download from the Internet. Many users obtain a great deal of information from the Internet and are annoyed not having this feature. Most find other alternatives, such as jailbreaking the phone to have the ability to download from the Internet. Although this is an unsafe option, Apple leaves many users with no other solution as they wait; hoping Apple will grace them with this feature in the next iOS upgrade.


Quite different from their Android competitors, Apple devices are not customizable. Users are aware that it is not in Apple's DNA to offer massive amounts of customization. Apple brands its design on refinement, simplicity and minimalism. Yet, every now and then, users would like to design their screen display to their liking and personality. To have the ability to play around with wallpaper designs, widgets or even keyboards, gives the user a feel that this phone is their personal brand. Taking away the function to customize the phone leaves Apple devices at times, somewhat boring.

Stronger Screens

After having discussed many requested upgrades based on application devices, we cannot forget the heartbreak and sullen face of a user's shattered screen. In a recent survey of about 2,400 iPhone owners, 23% report cracked screens. Since many users have experience the shattered screen, users go to great lengths to protect their iPhone screens. Having insurance does not take away the pain of having to replace a shattered or cracked screen. It would be groundbreaking for Apple to create a device able to survive everyday living that most commonly cause glass to scratch, crack, or shatter.