Wu Tang Clan Albums: Controverisal CEO Martin Shkreli Buys Wu Tang Clan Album For $2 Million, Twitter Hates It [VIDEO]


Pharmaceutial pro Martin Shkreli must have really wanted his hands on the only copy of Wu Tang Clan’s newest album because he shelled out $2 million for it; and Twitter is going off.

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Shkreli made history today now that he is the only person to own the hip-hop group’s latest and very highly anticipated project, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

Shkreli made headlines after he boosted the price of a drug said to be able to save lives of those suffering with AIDS by 5,000 percent.

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He first heard snippets of the album at a listening session. Apparently he liked what was on it because he paid $2 million for it. So his opportunity to fraternize with famous rappers and the entertainment industry turned into him wanting to get his hands on the album.

He said, “I really became convinced that I should be the buyer.”

As for Wu Tang Clan, the groups co-founder RZA has spoken out and said they sold the album to Shkreli, “well before [his] business practices came to light.”

He also revealed they gave “a significant portion of the proceeds to charity.”

As for fans who may never hear the new project in its entirety, they headed to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One fan sarcastically wrote that Shkreli would charge fans $750 for each song they wanted to hear.

Another questioned what Shkreli would do with the album, “cause art shold be free” as he “continues raising the price of his meds”

One would have been simply happy to know what Shkreli’s favorite part of the album is.

Another said that Wu Tang Clan might be the ones to get the last laugh, literally.

Check out more reactions below.

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