Prince George, Princess Charlotte News: Prince Charles Is Not A ‘Hands-On’ Grandfather? [VIDEO]

While there's no doubt that Prince George would do anything for his family, there's one thing he simply won't do - and that's chance his grandchildren's diapers.

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According to E! Online on Tuesday, the future King of England admitted that if there's one thing he doesn't like to do, it's do the dirty work when it comes to his two grandchildren, 2-year-old Prince George, and 7-month-old Princess Charlotte.

In an interview with British television hosts Ant and Dec, Prince Charles admitted that he's so far been successful at avoiding changing their diapers although he did add that he is thankful to have them "to look after me when I'm tottering about."

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What's more, Prince Charles' two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, revealed that their father finds it rather amusing whenever things go wrong, calling it "rabbiting on."

William, who is married to Kate Middleton, recalled a time when the special effects malfunctioned during one of his school productions. He couldn't help but notice how his father and grandfather, Prince Philip, both burst in laughter, adding that it is a trait of the royal family to "guffaw" when things go wrong.

The special British royal family documentary is schedule to air in the U.K. on ITV on Jan. 4.

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