Kristen Taekman made an enticing name for herself on Real Housewives of New York, but now that she's off the show she has something else on her mind--helping out the community. Last week, Taekman partnered with Citymeals on Wheels and King Digital Entertainment (the creators of the popular Candy Crush franchise) to visit New York seniors on Winter Solstice, AKA the darkest day of the year, and bring color to help block out the gloomy weather through floral arrangements. The event was in coordination with the release of King Digital's newest game Blossom Blast Saga where players join a bee on a beautiful journey through gardens to help grow flowers. The game is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Enstars had the chance to chat with Taekman about how she balances it all, what drew her to participate in the event and if she'd ever return to Real Housewives.

Enstars: What got you interested in working with Citymeals On Wheels?

Kristen Taekman: I conduct with Blossom Blast Saga and they like to bring flowers and light to the day. And if you saw all of the beautiful blossoms of flowers, it was just breathtaking. And honestly, it just brightened up the whole day. So this is just a busy time of the year and I think it's great to sort of give back and King Digital is doing that. And I think that's great.

What is the most rewarding part about doing this?

Bringing light and carefulness and color to everybody's day. It's just unbelievable to see everyone's face. It's gloomy and it's not totally cold, but it's raining and a lot of these people are homebound, and to come in and see this bright beautiful room and all of these gorgeous flowers, it's really amazing. [Blossom Blast Saga] is all about blossoming flowers and I was playing the game this morning and I just click on these blossoms and these flowers just burst and they grew and it's really pretty. It just kind of makes my day so I think being able to do that and bring real flowers is really great.

You've been busy focusing on your business, working with Citymeals on Wheels and having a family. How do you balance it all?

I do it a day at a time. I just compartmentalize. Like, this morning I knew this was coming up so yesterday I had a full day with the kids and then today I'm doing Meals on Wheels. I feel like I'm just trying to be in the moment wherever I am, I think that's all that you can do. I just plan out as much as I possibly can and then try and just roll with the flow.

What advice would you give to someone looking to expand a business in the way you have?

In general, try not to sweat the small stuff, but I think you should go with what you're passionate about. I think it's important to do things you love and that makes sense to you. I love nail polish and that kind of came's true to who I am.

What kind of power do you think comes with smiling?

I think you can see into a person's soul through a smile! Just delivering flowers today, you just see through the person. And putting a smile on someone's face, whether you're a tiny baby three months old or you're 100-years-old, seeing a smile is just so rewarding on every level. And sometimes that's all you need.

As for your time on Real Housewives of New York, do you think there will ever be a time when you'll return?

Never say never. I mean, I'm still really great friends with all the ladies so I think that we can always plan to come to the circle so never say never.

What is your New Year's Resolution this year?

This year I have decided not to do the classic save money, get healthy, all that stuff. I decided to enjoy the city a little bit more. My kids are getting older and I think I can sort of be in the moment and share all the cultural stuff.