Leonardo DiCaprio Rumors: Is The Bachelor Ready To Settle Down? [VIDEO]

One of the most sought-out actors in the film industry sat down with Parade magazine in a tell-all interview on marriage, passion for the environment and his love for making movies.

The Revenant star covers the latest issue of Parade, which he was bombarded with the idea of marriage, and eventually stated, "That time will come when that time comes."

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"The truth is, you can't predict marriage," the bachelor admits. "You can't plan it. It's just going to happen when it happens."

Though it wouldn’t be hard to find a suitable lady for the 41-year-old but still he loves what he does, acting.

"If I wanted to quit acting, I could have done it a long time ago. I love making movies," he admits. "I feel lucky and fortunate to do it, and it is absolutely worth sacrificing a lot of my private life. I don’t think anyone [famous] ever really gets used to it. It’s always surreal."

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The Aviator actor also reveals that acting becomes a way of escaping the real world since as a child he already noticed a lot of terrifying things.

“Acting always represented a way out for me,” he explains. “I saw many things in the neighborhoods where I grew up that were pretty terrifying. Acting takes you away from reality. Being able to escape was important. Movies do that for me. Two hours inside of a theater can transport you into a completely other universe. To me, that’s the beauty of movies.”

In the meantime, the five-time Oscar nominee is set to film his new documentary about the environment. Where during this time, the world-famous actor, according to Parade devotes much of his time and money to saving the planet, and this passion, along with his interest in history, is among the reasons that led him to star in the movie, The Revenant.

“Historically we always look back at cultures that have been self-destructive and we talk about the ignorant way they treated the natural world, and we pass judgment on them,” he reflects. “But the truth is that what we’re now doing to the natural world is a thousand times more destructive than it’s ever been before. We’re literally going through an extinction right now. We’re changing our climates irreparably, and climate change lasts tens of thousands, if not millions, of years. We don’t seem to be learning lessons from the past.”

And to him, even as a kid he was always interested in the nature side of things. The environmentalist actor even dished out that during his childhood days, Biology is one of his favorite subjects in school that he became very passionate about and even up to now.

“As a kid, I was going to be a marine biologist or an actor,” DiCaprio admits. “When I became successful as an actor, I said, “Well, maybe I can lend a voice to this with an equal passion.” You realize how lucky we are, and how destructive we’ve been, and what little regard we have for the natural world. In a lot of ways [environmental advocacy] becomes a form of spirituality. And here we are, in this unbelievably heavenly moment on planet Earth, and look how we’re treating this utopia and the fellow life-forms that we live with. It’s disheartening.”

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