The force is strong in social media; from Facebook to Instagram, it seems like you can't click onto a site without glimpsing a lightsaber. But perhaps nowhere has Star Wars mania hit so hard as on Twitter. There, people can enthuse about the movie, debate plot points, and even poke some (good-natured) fun at the franchise. Here are some of the best Tweets celebrating The Force Awakens, Star Wars, and the fandom that made it the biggest movie of all time.

Note: Mild spoilers for the whole Star Wars franchise appear below (including Episode VIII). If you're not up to date, run out and see The Force Awakens before you read these Tweets. Better safe than sorry!

Safety First

 LA Times writer Rebecca Keegan appreciates the additional security Star Wars has afforded us. Let's just hope those Jedi are know the proper safety techniques for handling a lightsaber.

Seriously, No Spoilers

Victoria Fiorenze has no qualms about unleashing a dark vengeance on anyone stupid enough to spoil the epic movie. Mark us down as impressed by her intensity, and also a little scared.

Luke Skywalker Needs A Hug

The new Star Wars movie has given birth to tons of hilarious and clever parody accounts, but Very Lonely Luke might be the finest of the bunch. Fair warning: if you haven't seen the movie yet, steer clear of this Twitter--spoilers abound. But for everyone else, the account is a sincere delight and a brilliant lampooning of poor Luke.

Constructive Criticism

While many fans were just delighted to see the return of a galaxy far, far away, The Office star Rainn Wilson (and major Star Wars fan) was asking the tough questions and analyzing the strategic effectiveness of the Empire. Maybe if they paid more attention, the leaders of the Empire wouldn't always be dealing with those troublesome rebels. Just saying.

Don't Judge A Darth By Its Cover

Various fans are enjoying the Star Wars franchise for entirely different reasons--if only to confuse the poor guy working the ticket counter at the movie theater. And hey, who says Darth Vader isn't a fan of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore? Everyone needs a hobby.

The Real Dark Side

Some fans were disappointed that their favorite, beloved character Jar Jar Binks was not featured in the newest installment of the franchise. Their hurt was so vast that many created these tributes to Jar Jar Binks. Just kidding. Nobody misses Jar Jar Binks; he was horrifying, and these posters are delightfully terrifying.

Interstellar Angst

If you haven't had enough of Star Wars parody accounts, be sure to check out the wildly entertaining Twitter feed of Emo Kylo Ren. These angsty posts prove that being a teenager is hard enough without having to deal with Jedis and Sith lords. It's one of the funniest accounts out there (and even interacts with the Very Lonely Luke Skywalker Twitter).

The Tie-Ins Are Strong With This One

There is a Star Wars tie-in for virtually any piece of merchandise you can imagine. If you can dream it, there's a Star Wars tie-in. While some people got heartily sick of the seemingly inexplicable franchise marketing that had sprung up overnight, others adored it (and eagerly stocked up on Star Wars fruit and razors).