When Trygve Bauge's grandfather named Bredo Morstoel died in 1989, he had hopes that his loved one could be brought back from dead. So he decided to use an unconventional method called cryogenics where he froze the body of the deceased Morstoel.

To execute this, Bauge had his grandfather's body flown to San Francisco where it was stored in a cryogenics facility. On the other hand, Bauge also created his own facility in Nederland, Colorado where the body was eventually transferred. However, he was forced to leave his grandfather's frozen body in Colorado during the mid 1990s because he failed to get a visa.

Fortunately, the town officials allowed the body to remain in the shed while the Norwegian citizen made arrangements so he will be able to take care of his deceased grandfather. 

Currently, a caretaker is maintaining Morstoel's frozen status while the town is even celebrating him by having an annual festival called "Frozen Dead Guy Days."