Jenny McCarthy News: Is Radio Host Getting Involved In Chelsea Handler & Heather McDonald's Feud? [AUDIO]


She's often the subject of other controversial stories, but is Jenny McCarthy getting caught up in someone else's epic feud?

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The radio host recently had Chelsea Handler on her radio show Dirty Sexy Funny, where the former late night host ranted about her feud with one of her former friends and writers, Heather McDonald, who has recently claimed that Handler had been a boss from hell. And though she mostly still just asked questions about the situation, she appeared to also take Handler's side.

Handler first started by telling her side of the story, explaining that the fallout actually bgan when she learned McDonald was selling stories about her to the tabloids.

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"She exchanged stories to Us Weekly in exchange for them running her photo when she was working on my show. That's why I stopped talking to her. I could have fired her but instead, I just stopped spending any personal time with her," Handler said. "The fact that I would allow someone like that to even work for me when everybody was telling me to fire her, and she's complaining that I wouldn't hang out with her or discuss my negotiations."

Things only got more heated from there, as Handler slammed McDonald's claims that she lived in fear while working for her.

"She would never say anything to my face. She would only day that on the radio," she said. "She would never because she's f***ing scared and she should be. Now she should really be scared."

It was there where McCarthy appeared to begin taking Handler's side, saying McDonald probably should be scared.

"Now I think she probably will be scared," McCarthy sympathized. "Now she should be f***ing terrified."

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