Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke; Who is Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend? [PHOTOS, VIDEO]


British teen singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke set fans and media outlets wagging about her new rumored romance with Justin Bieber. According to sources, the couple has known each other for nearly six months after first meeting in Los Angeles last year.

The singer/songwriter/model currently lives in London, but has spent time modeling in Los Angeles. According to reports, she recently dropped out of school to travel.

Despite previous claims by the two that they are just friends, Bieber has reportedly been taking Roberts-Clarke more seriously. The Sunday Mirror reported that Bieber sent a Rolls Royce to take Roberts Clarke to his five-star Lanesborough Hotel in London where he is staying while preparing for his Believe tour.

A store told the paper, the singer "was introduced to Justin by a mutual friend."

"She is always going to LA and mixes with lots of people in the industry which is where she met Justin. Ella knows she will be envy od millions of girls, but it is early days, and she is just enjoying herself and having some fun."

However, Roberts Clarke squashed rumors of her and Bieber on Sunday, ABC News noted. On Twitter, she reportedly slammed the "sources" used by the British papers to promote stories of her affiliaton with Bieber.

Roberts Clarke also retweeted various messages from her friends, including one that read: "So I just read a newspaper article about exactly what you think i'm talking about and it was so ridiculously untrue I actually reeled. are they just allowed to invent things? so and so and so and so have gone public/official. Well, no. what? no."

When asked about the "friends" who sold her story, Roberts Clarke tweeted, "they're not my friends, those 'sources' were people I barely knew who wanted quick cash."

Despite Roberts Clarke's claim that she and Justin Bieber are not together, Enstars reported that the pop star spent his 19th birthday by kicking a party after his concert in Birmingham with a few blonde ladies, including Roberts Clarke.

"Since she was at school, she wanted to be famous...being seen with Justin Bieber is probably going to make her career," the source added.

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