'Star Trek Beyond' Spoilers: Movie's Co-Writer Dishes About Working On The Film With Simon Pegg [VIDEO]

In an interview with the Writer's Bone podcast, Star Trek Beyond co-writer Doug Jung dished about working on the massive project with Simon Pegg.

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Jung confessed that he was quite intimidated when the prospect came to him and wasn't quite sure even though it was a phenomenal opportunity for him. Trek Core sourced the relevant quotes from the interview.

"I was hesitant to take [the job] because, I mean, you'd have to be kind of an idiot to not see that opportunity - but it's a little intimidating," he said. "There's just a huge amount of information and so many years and layers that go into [the Star Trek] canon."

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Additionally his partnership with Pegg went a long way and he stated that their history with Star Trek and passion for the series was a big factor in making this collaboration work out.

"There were definitely times when we were sitting there together and we would both be like, "All right, this is just weird. We need to think of a really good Spock line." Or whatever - A really good Bones quip," he said. "We'd have some cool idea, but think, "Did they do that once in some Next Generation episode? Is that what's coming to us? Is that where we're getting it?

Jung also revealed that they were open to taking help from other experts on the film and that that helped immensely.

"[We had] so many people who were such fans of Star Trek, who knew it so well; [we were able] to lean on those people a little bit. We had this guy who did all the alien dialect, and in the script where there was something about Vulcan theology, and I got it wrong...He sent me an email saying "In the Original Series, we did establish that Spock..." And I literally was like, "That's great!" How fantastic is it that?" he said. "We would take that from anywhere we could get it."

The movie will be released on July 22.

Listen to the full podcast episode below:

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