Thibaud & Flora 1539: Amazing Dancers Left Audience In Shock [VIDEO]

Everybody likes watching acrobats. But often times the performances are seem scary, dangerous and coupled with thrill and wonder. Someone who practices this kind of skill in feast of balance and agility is well-trained in order to showcase awesome human performance.

Let’s take it from these two amazing acrobat dancers, Thibaud and Flora. These two performers made their acrobat routine turned into like a child’s play as Thibaud flips, spins, and lifts Flora through the air.

With this one wild-performance, the crowd roars with each impressive move. But Thibaud isn’t the only strong one here! Although small and delicate in comparison to her partner, Flora has Thibaud stand on her own shoulders exactly how she does in the very beginning.

You can check it out how amazing their choreography, and while it may seem silly to extract so much meaning from a few dance moves, each gesture seems so intimate. Regardless of whether there is a romantic spark between them, it is clear that these dancers, who throw each other in the air only to catch one another with such grace, have built their relationship around an unbreakable trust!

See for yourself the video below and be amazed by these two acrobat dancers!

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