There are definitely some downsides to being an internationally known reality star. Sure you have money, fame, and influence, but you essentially bid goodbye to ever having a private life. Everything you do--from the food you eat to the TV shows you watch--is recorded and dissected by the public. And even reality stars have days when they're not feeling up to snuff.

But instead of laying low and waiting until they feel ready to return to the world of cameras and paparazzi, some stars opt for other methods. Khloe Kardashian once again ran into trouble with the media when she was accused of Photoshopping a selfie she shared. And the reality star--who's been caught using editing technology on her pictures before--did not appreciate the criticism. Here's a history of Khloe Kardashian's Photoshop controversy.

Something Fishy

Who doesn't love taking a selfie after the gym? It's a great way to gain validation for all the hard work you just put in. But when Khloe Kardashian shared a recent selfie, eagle-eyed viewers picked up on something: the door behind her wasn't exactly obeying the laws of design (or physics). Within minutes, experts were confirming that the celebrity had utilized Photoshop to smooth out some rough edges and improve the quality of her pic. People called her out for hypocrisy, asking why a celebrity who claims to be so health-conscious and body-positive would need to alter what was supposed to be a candid photo.

Don't Blame The Door

To her credit, Khloe didn't deny that she'd used a little creative editing to improve the quality of her picture. In fact, she turned the tables on critics, blasting them for being "petty." To silence haters, she shared the original photo--which honestly doesn't look significantly different from the Photoshopped image. She still looks sensational (and the door doesn't look too shabby either).

Repeat Performance

 Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself. #Motivation #Boss #DamnGina

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So why did people lunge at Khloe Kardashian when it became apparent she'd done what so many people do on a regular basis? This isn't the first time the reality star has been accused of Photoshopping her images, or lashed out at "haters" making these claims. Back in 2015, Khloe shared a picture of her impressive derriere, and fans across the globe noticed it looked a little... well... phony. It didn't take long for people to begin dissecting the image pixel by pixel, and condemning Khloe for what they perceived as false advertising. Then there's her sister Kim's love affair with Photoshop... and those Photoshopped Christmas cards... plus those odd-looking magazine covers. And since Kardashian has reimagined herself as a fitness buff (eagerly promoting what she calls her "revenge body"), people have been on watch for any sign that she's altering her images.

Unfiltered Results

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Considering the high-profile lifestyle she leads, it's honestly not surprising that Kardashian sometimes wants to augment her already fierce looks. But does she really need to? This candid image posted by her friend and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli shows a stunning and incredibly fit young woman. And the untouched image Khloe herself shared showed off a figure to be proud of. That being said, can anyone say they've never touched up an image they've shared with their friends (maybe hiding a blemish or two)? With the eyes on the world on every move you make, I imagine resisting the temptation to put your best face forward  at all times (with or without a little digital support) must be a hard one indeed.