Chris Hemsworth's co-star had 'mostly' nice things to say about his life.

Elsa Pataky Finds Cuteness In Chris Hemsworth's Kangaroo Snapshot

On Sunday, E! News shared a live interview with Jessica Chastain who stars alongside Hemsworth in the upcoming film The Huntsman Winter's War. When she was asked how she felt about the actor, she went on a playful rant about how much she can't stand to look at him.

"Chris Hemsworth is disgusting to look at," Chastain joked. "He is just obnoxious, he won, like, the gene pool lottery, it's just disgusting. And also, he happens to be a really nice guy and funny, which makes him even worse."

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The actress then pointed out how Hemsworth will play a secretary in the new Ghostbusters movie, something that adds another great quality.

"I love a guy that has a sense of humor about himself," Chastain said.

She went on about how Hemsworth would spend time with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their kids on set, and it just makes Chastain look at him with envy.

"His family would always show up on set and he would carry his kids around," the actress said. "And Elsa, his wife, is the most beautiful woman ever. And you're just like, my god, you have the perfect life, I hate you."

Hemsworth and Pataky have been married for five years now. They have three kids, India, 3, and twins Tristan and Sasha, 1.