'John Wick 2': Keanu Reeves Trained To Be Real-Life Action Hero? [VIDEO]

It’s been a year and a half since Keanu Reeves’ surprising box-office slaying action flick John Wick hit theaters. And it’s going to be almost a full year before moviegoers will see the sequel to the revenge story of an ex-hitman out to kill the thug that murdered his puppy (a gift from his dead wife). But from new evidence floating around the Internet, it seems like Reeves’s preparation to return to the role may just have actually turned him into an actual badass combat operator.

Yesterday, California-based firearm accessories company Taran Tactical Innovations uploaded a video of Reeves demonstrating some impressive firearms skills across its social media platforms. The video, which demonstrates the Bill & Ted actor using LIVE AMMUNITION, has already racked up over a million views on YouTube and been watched almost three million times on Facebook. In the footage, Reeves can be seen quickly moving, aiming and firing three different weapons: an assault rifle, a handgun and a tactical shotgun.

Taran Tactical’s customers are competitive and tactical shooters, and according to the company’s Facebook page, owner and founder Taran Butler is a competitive shooting champion who’s consulted and helped out on movies like Public Enemies, Miami Vice, The Kingdom and Charlie’s Angels. Last week, Taran Tactical’s Instagram account posted videos of Butler moving and shooting on the same course with The Matrix star, timing him, likely from the same day the video was shot (Reeves seems to be wearing the same the outfit in all the footage).

Reeves is notorious for his dedication to training and preparation for his action roles. “He’s always first man there, last man to leave,”
John Wick director Chad Stahelski said of Reeves in one of the bonus features for the film. Stachelski, a former stuntman is also the co-founder, with his John Wick co-director David Leitch, of 87Eleven, the stunt and fight choreography company behind some of Hollywood’s most recent memorable action scenes. Reeves already had a considerable amount of martial arts experience from the Matrix films, but starring in John Wick and its sequel required learning shooting and driving skills--adding to his screen combat repertoire.

But does all that training for the movies translate into actual ability? From the video, it would seem so for Reeves. Tell us what you think in the poll below!

Has training for movies made Keanu Reeves an actual action hero?

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