Miley Cyrus, Jodie Sweetin Instagram: Singer Causing Controversy With Raunchy Post Of Actress [PHOTOS]


Never underestimate the power of social media. It's all fun and games until someone inadvertently shares the wrong image or posts the wrong update--then things can get ugly, fast. Miley Cyrus is learning that explicit selfies aren't the only thing that can cause an online uproar, as a photo she shared of Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin is enraging fans and raising accusations of cyber-bullying. Here's how a simple Instagram post could cause so much trouble, and whether or not this will shape up into yet another feud for Miley Cyrus.

Past Mistakes

 Current Mood #fullerhouse

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on Mar 4, 2016 at 2:16pm PST

On Friday, Cyrus shared a photo of Sweetin with the caption 'Current Mood: #FullerHouse.' While not alone in her appreciation for the reboot (which already has a second season confirmed by Netflix), the image Cyrus posted wasn't exactly wholesome. It features a much younger Sweetin straddling what appears to be her now-ex husband in provocative poses, a lit cigarette in hand. Not quite the image reboot the actress has been working on, but we've all seen much worse online. So why the hubbub?

In Poor Taste

Jodie Sweetin, a former child star, has been candid about her past struggles with drugs and alcohol. From a tell-all memoir to frank interviews, Sweetin has owned up to her past mistakes and her efforts to remain sober for herself and her daughter. The photos Cyrus shared reportedly come from the period in Sweetin's life when she was deep in her battle with meth and cocaine addictions; mocking that dark time has struck Sweetin's supportive fans the wrong way--and they have no problem telling Cyrus all about it.

Failure To Communicate

According to a report by, the picture was meant in good fun. After all, Cyrus herself has has to deal with her own wholesome image, and trying to emerge as her own person. There was no cruelty in the post, and the pop star absolutely wasn't attempting to start a fight or make light of Sweetin's substance abuse issues. But aside from this story, the Cyrus camp has been silent on the whole fiasco. And whether she intended it or not, fans of both Sweetin and Cyrus herself have found the image to be in terribly bad taste. Many are calling for Cyrus to apologize, explain herself, or at the very least take down the offending image.

Sweet Revenge

So what's Sweetin's stance on all this ruckus? Again, no official statement has been made about this less-than-flattering picture, but the actress must appreciate the overwhelming support she's received as a result. And things are looking pretty great for the former child star; Fuller House is on for season two, she's going to appear on Dancing With The Stars, and she recently became engaged to her longtime boyfriend. Maybe the actress doesn't have time to engage in a social media spat with Miley Cyrus; she's too busy enjoying the sweet life. But if she does choose to take Cyrus to task for her ill-advised Instagram, get ready--Stephanie Tanner isn't one to back down from a fight, and the Internet totally has her back.

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