Ariana Grande 'SNL' 2016: 'Dangerous Woman' Singer's Triumphant Appearance For New Album [VIDEO]

Anticipation for Ariana Grande's newest album, Dangerous Woman, has been fairly high. Actually, that's a gross understatement: fans have been counting down the hours for the release, making sure hashtags are trending on Twitter, and basically staying on the edge of their seats until the new album finally drops. And they still have some time to go—Dangerous Woman won't be available for purchase until May 20th.

Luckily for die-hard Grande fans, the pop star isn't leaving them wanting. Here are some of her best performances and moments promoting the new album. Let the countdown continue!

What's In A Name?

Saturday Night Live is a notoriously difficult gig. Many talented performers and stars have stepped onstage only to fall apart once the lights hit. The jokes can fall flat and the whole thing can end up being a disaster. For a second, it looked like Ariana Grande's appearance might go down as one such trial (especially when Larry David butchered her name). But Ariana has been performing since she was a small child, and she has the stage presence and grace to prove it. She recovered admirably and gave a sexy and scintillating performance that left the audience wanting more.

Simply Scandalous

As host and performer, Grande had to do double duty, and she rose to the occasion. Her hilarious opening monologue addressed not only her status as a former child star, but some of the scandals that could be in her future. Grande even sings a jazzy show tune about what drama will damage her reputation and make her a real, bona fide superstar. It's a funny and sharp song with a surprising beat; you'll find yourself humming it even as you recall that whole 'doughnut licking' incident.

Hit The High Notes

Impressions are one of the hardest things to nail in comedy—even the insanely talented Amy Poehler has admitted to being terrible at them—and imitating the musical chops of another is even more difficult. But in this sketch as an intern at Jay-Z's music-stream servic Tidal, Grande smoothly imitates some of the biggest names in the music industry to great effect. From Britney Spears to Shakira to Rihanna, she uses her breathtaking musical prowess to expertly capture their signature voices. Her brief tribute to Whitney Houston in particular leaves no doubt about Ariana Grande's insane musical talent.

A Good Impression

Celebrities imitating each other can be very hit or miss (as the uneven history of SNL itself shows all too well). And when you're tasked with taking on one of the most popular and critically acclaimed young actresses out there, it can seem like you're setting up for a major fall. But Ariana Grande blew audiences away with her flawless (and deeply entertaining) impression of Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence. From her voice to her mannerisms, the imitation was uncanny; we'd love to see the two do a sketch together some time.

More Than Alright

Caught up in her virtuoso comedic performances, which played perfectly to her skill set, you could almost forget that Grande was the musical star for the evening as well—until she hit the stage, that is. With the first live performance of "Be Alright," a new track from Dangerous Woman, Grande left her audience entirely spellbound and with no doubt that her newest album is going to be a runaway success. With acting chops, stage presence, and one of the best voices in the industry, Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman indeed.

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