K. Michelle’s latest studio album More Issues Than Vogue is now released! But why are Beyonce’s fans AKA The Beyhive coming for her?

Fans already love K. Michelle’s new project, which marks her fourth studio album after successful albums like Rebellious Soul and Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart.

It has already topped the R&B charts on iTunes, besting out artists like Anthony Hamilton and even The Weeknd. She also landed at number two on the overall charts right between ZAYN, who is still in the lead and Gwen Stefani, who is currently sitting at the number three spot.
Check out what fans had to say about it below (many also used the hash tag #MITV).

Still, some fans aren’t feeling what she had to say about Beyonce and other R&B singers like Kelly Price. She stopped by 97.9 The Beat to promote her new album. But then Beyonce became a topic of conversation. When asked if she was nervous about her album coming out, she said Beyonce was dropping a new one the same night. “My manager knows her manager. But I was like, ‘Good…Because I need the traffic.” Check out what fans thought about it below.

She even dissed singer Kelly Price after it was revealed that she did work on K. Michelle’s album too.

“We don’t speak of her, she’s a demon. My label hates her.”

She said that their beef sparked after Price asked her to listen to one of her songs. K. Michelle said she shopped it around to a few producers and decided to use it. But things went left when Price demanded “100 percent of the record.”

She said she would refuse to “sign off” if she didn’t get all of the earning despite the work that the producers did.

“You’re ugly,” K. Michelle added.

Check out the full video below.