Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green 2016: Actress Reveals Something She Doesn't Want Her Kids To Be Around [VIDEO]


Megan Fox has specific plans for her children's education.

The actress, who is a mom to two children, Noah, 3, and Bodhi, 2, told Entertainment Tonight in Monday's report that she doesn't want her kids to go to a school where technology will be taking over. She doesn't want them getting involved with that until the boys are at an advanced age.

"My kids, in particular, I'm enrolling them in a school where technology is not allowed until they're much older," Fox said. "Then they're introduced to computers and things like that because they will need that eventually to function in the real world. But, as children, they shouldn't be around it at all, in my opinion, and so my kids won't have cell phones, or tablets, or any of that."

Fox, who's in the process of ending her marriage with husband, Brian Austin Green, also opened up on how social media can be damaging to the people who use it.

"It interferes with brain development," she said. "I'm really big into this, very passionate about it. I'm very passionate about it in general because it's such a platform for, not just bullying, but body shaming, for making people feel badly about themselves, and Instagram has turned's really just an art page where everyone edits their photos."

The actress then pointed out how she thinks creating these fake images is a "curated version" of that person's reality.

"What is the point? Unless you're promoting something, or unless you're selling something, I don't understand why teenagers need to be on Instagram making their boobs look big...what is happening to the world?"

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