'Vikings' Season 4: What's Next For Rollo? Clive Standen Previews An 'Entirely Different' Man [VIDEO]

The future is nigh for Vikings, and Rollo won't disappear into the Parisian sunset when season 4B debuts.

The Northman turned noble went mano a mano with his brother in "The Last Ship," and, surprisingly, Rollo (Clive Standen) emerged the victor. Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) scuttled back to Kattegat a washed up warrior, leaving his traitorous brother to weather the time jump with the Franks.

According to Standen, fans shouldn't presume the last six to eight years (series creator Michael Hirst didn't provide a hard and fast time line for the jump) have been kind to the opportunist.

"What's fascinating is these characters, when you get reintroduced, they're entirely different people. Maybe, with Rollo, the grass isn't greener on the other side," Standen told Entertainment Weekly. "Whenever we get something, there's the chance it's not quite how you imagined. Maybe the brothers will meet again. Maybe they'll never see each other again."

You can rest assured, however, that Rollo will have a major role to play in the back half of the season.

"We do see Rollo again, absolutely. He's too good to lose," Hirst previewed, according to TV Line. "Of course, it is true that the defeat in Paris did mark an ending. There's no doubt that that's the end of one part of the story, and it's the beginning of a new part of the story. But it's all part of the same saga."

Unfortunately, the History Channel has yet to set a date for the midseason premiere. To tide fans over, however, Vikings released the following promo:

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