Yolanda Foster has a lot on her plate.

As the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star prepares for the finalization of her divorce from David Foster, she's been caught in the midst of drama on the show due to her ongoing struggles with Lyme disease.

In their cast blogs, Foster's co-stars, Kim Richards and Eileen Davidson weighed in on the controvery surrounding Lisa Rinna's comments about Munchausen and who may have encouraged her to bring them up.

"For [Lisa R.] to ever say the word Munchausen after everything Yolanda has been through is just AWFUL!" Richards wrote in her Bravo TV blog. "What a hurtful thing to say. Yolanda already has enough on her plate. Lisa and Eileen have been talking about my friends and me since day one... I feel bad about that. But I mostly feel bad for them. Living their lives constantly through other people's worlds can't be fun. Certainly there is no real happiness always storing and harboring negative energies."

Meanwhile, Davidson spoke of Lisa Vanderpump's involvement in the coversation. 

"I have realized there is nothing that Lisa Vanderpump won’t do to another Housewife, no low that she won’t reach as she schemes behind the scenes," Davidson told readers on Tuesday. "I was already aware of Lisa V. pushing the Munchausen “storyline” before the dinner in the Hamptons. And as you remember, when the "M" word was brought up at her house, Lisa V. didn’t want anyone to discuss it with me. I think because she knew I wasn’t going to go there or help her “storyline.” Knowing this, going into the Hamptons dinner, I already didn’t trust her."

Foster and her husband announced they were parting ways in December of last year after just four years of marriage, and in January, Foster filed for divorce.

Part three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six reunion airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Check out a sneak peek at the upcoming episode below.