Kris Jenner Update: Kardashian Family Matriarch Leaking A Sex Tape? [VIDEO]

Like mother like daughter or is it like daughter like mother? Whatever the case may be, there's a new rumor that says a Kris Jenner sex tape might be making its way onto the Internet.

According to Naughty Gossip on Friday, either Jenner has a master plan when it comes to soaking up as much publicity as possible in the coming weeks or she's probably shaking in her Christian Louboutins right now. Either way, people are going to be talking about the sex tape she might or might not have recorded with her current beau, Corey Gamble.

One source exclusively told the site, "Kris Jenner's erotic film is not with her much younger boyfriend, Corey Gamble, the tape in question actually starred Kris Jenner's ex-husband, Robert Kardashian. It could generate "seven-figure sums" in Germany and China and Kris thinks selling it will help her career, just like Kim's sex tape helped hers."

This jives with what Jenner's friend Jackie Collins, who passed away last September, reportedly told author Ian Halperin. According to Halperin, Collins was obsessed with the Kardashians and how they managed to rise to fame. 

"Jackie was infatuated with the Kardashians' success and said if it was not for Kim's sex tape they wouldn't have got a TV show, Halperin told the British tabloid The Sun. "She claimed the Kardashian family were no strangers to sex tapes and said Robert Kardashian, whose hobby was photography, used to film some of his dalliances and extra-marital affairs on video cameras."

He also added, "Films still exist and are currently being touted for megabucks in Europe and beyond."

So far Jenner herself has not made any comments about the sex tape rumors.

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