College is calling to Teen Wolf's Scott McCall, but actor Tyler Posey has his feet firmly rooted in Beacon Hills.

The MTV series is currently filming for it's sixth season, and, since the OGs are on the cusp of graduating high school, many fans are worried that the upcoming run will be the Alpha's last. Teen Wolf wrote in several underclassmen over the last few years, giving the series' a way forward once Scott, Stiles, and Lydia cut their small town ties.

No matter what happens at the end of season 6, fans can rest assured Scott will remain a part of the story.

In fact, Posey is doubling down on his involvement with the series. While Beacon Hills' supernatural teens take on a Nazi werewolf and a new ghostly mythology, Posey will use season 6 to dive into another aspect of Teen Wolf production. Along with acting and producing, Posey will try his hand at directing.

"I've been producing a lot, asking a lot of questions, kind of visually and mentally laying out the script shot-by-shot. I hang out with the directors all the time, I'm always behind the camera," Posey told The Wrap. "I love acting, but I love a lot of things. I want to put my hand in every little thing that I can. And directing is just one of those things. I'm really ambitious, and I just aspire to do this kind of thing. I've been preparing a lot."

Are you ready to find out what the future holds for Scott & Co.? Teen Wolf will return to MTV later this year.