Miley Cyrus was reportedly smoking weed in her hotel balcony in Miami on Saturday.

The former Hannah Montana star talked with friends while relaxing on the veranda, and looked like she had just woken up, wearing a black T-shirt with gold writing across the front with her hair tied on the top of her head, reported Mail Online.

She squinted her eyes as Cyrus held the cigarette with her left hand. It appeared to be missing the engagement ring given to her by fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

But this is not the first time the young singer has been caught rolling a joint - a photo was uploaded in February of the star smoking a suspiciously hand-rolled cigarette, according to Hollywood Life.

Cyrus and Snoop Lion just released their new track Ashtrays And Heartbreaks on Wednesday, which will feature the collaboration on Snoop's new album Reincarnated. It is the first of many expected from the star as she prepares to release her new album.

The reggae track is kicked off by Snoop who raps, "Tonight there's gonna be a whole lot of smoke in the air, blow it high for the ones who ain't here."

Miley, who provided the song's hook, hinted to the fact the smoke is not coming from normal cigarettes, but the 20-year-old does not to specifically mention marijuana.

A representative for the former Hannah Montana star later claimed that she was smoking the herb salvia.