We haven't heard from her in quite some time, but it looks like Andi Dorfman is doing whatever it takes--and saying whatever she needs too--in order to keep her name in the headlines. And so far it's working as the former Bachelorette star apparently shared her ex Josh Murray by saying that she's looking for a boyfriend that won't bring unnecessary drama in her life.

In an interview with People Magazine, Dorfman admits that she's looking for a "steady" relationship that comes with all the highs you need but just without the drama.

She said, "All I want is a steady, happy, calming and joyous relationship. Drama gives you a high, but it's not what makes you happy."

She also said that her failed engagement to Murray--who proposed to her on the show almost two years ago--left her a sour taste in her mouth.

She said, "It tore my timeline to shreds. I'm from the South, and people tend to get married younger and hake kids."

Dorfman further added, "I'd rather be off on my timeline and be happy than be in the wrong relationship. You've only got one life to live."

Dorfman and Murray pulled the plug on their engagement after only being with each other for six months back in January of 2015. Her new book, It's Not Okay, in which she chronicles her rocky relationship with Murray, is available in bookstores now.