'Destiny' News And Updates: 'Rise Of Iron' DLC Poster Leaked, Confirmed Authentic [VIDEO]

With E3 2016 practically just around the corner, the season for leaks and updates have begun. In a pretty interesting turn of events on Thursday, a promotional poster for Destiny's alleged new expansion pack, dubbed Rise of Iron, was leaked online.

Though netizens were initially skeptical about the authenticity of the poster, a couple of sources who are allegedly privy to Destiny's developer, Bungie, have confirmed the existence of the DLC. As it turned out, the game's upcoming DLC would really be Rise of Iron, and it should be unveiled at some point during next month's E3.

As it is, very few details about the leaked DLC have been confirmed. Mostly, the only thing that fans are certain of right now is the projected date of the DLC's unveiling and the expansion pack's title. Content-wise, however, the details are quite scarce.

The poster itself is pretty straightforward, featuring Lord Saladin holding a battle-axe with several wolves around him. From this image alone, many fans of the franchise are speculating that the new DLC would in some way deal with the lore of the Iron Wolves. If these speculations do turn out to be true, then Rise of Iron might very well be an extremely successful release for the Destiny franchise.

In a lot of ways, the arrival of Rise of Iron could not come at a better time. With the next big title in the franchise, Destiny 2, allegedly pushed back to a 2017 release, the franchise would need something to carry fans over to the next year. With the critically-acclaimed Taken King being released for some time now, fans are in dire need of some fresh, new content.

According to the sources who confirmed the authenticity of the leaked poster, however, the Rise of Iron DLC would indeed be full of new and engaging content for the franchise's fans. If any, the new DLC would definitely feature a new raid, and possibly even a new area. With these in mind, there is a very good chance that Rise of Iron would be embraced very well by Destiny's community. 

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