It looks like Andi Dorfman is leaving no detail behind in order to sell her new book these days. In fact, the former Bachelorette star is dishing all the dirt about her experience on the hit reality dating show, including her "cringe-worthy" experience while having sex with runner-up contestant Nick Viall on the show back in 2014.

According to Life & Style Weekly, Dorfman says that the sex wasn't as hot as you would think. The brunette beauty received some serious criticsm over her romp with Viall, considering the fact that she accepted Josh Murray's proposal only three days later. She and Murray cut their engagement short after only being with each other for six months.

In Dorfman's new book, It's Not Okay, she writes, "Would you rather make love... or f---?" Nick asked. "Ummm... make love," she responded, to which he replied, "Well, if I had four times, I'd like to f--- the first three times and make love the fourth."

Dorfman goes on to call it the "most cringe-worthy, lady boner-killing, awkward" experience of her life.

If that weren't enough, she also says that Viall preferred to play a game of "Would you rather?" rather than having sex with her in the Fantasy Suite.

Viall for his part has not made any comments about Dorfman's allegations.