'Cruel Intentions' TV Show Cast: Pilot Episode & Actors Expected To Be 'Beyond Satisfying?' [VIDEO]

Fans are still anticipating the status on the Cruel Intentions TV show.

On Friday, a Twitter user posted something that ought to get the fans excited for what's in the pilot of the series, which may or may not get released. Apparently, the first episode is "beyond satisfying" and something that viewers would definitely enjoy.

This tweet got the attention of Taylor John Smith, who plays Bash on the series, so he re-tweeted it to his own page.

The question is, will the series actually make it to television? That still seems to be in negotiation at the moment, but if it turns out to be good news, then something incredible will be coming to the screen following the fun and sinister 1999 film.

Smith's character is the son of Sebastian and Annette from the movie. After his father died, Annette discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to her son who is now a teenager. As she raises him in Kansas to be a stable gentleman, Bash comes across his father's journal to discover there's family history he never knew about. He realizes that he comes from fortune and power that is bound to lead to scandal.

Bash also meets his aunt Kathryn, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the movie as well as the series. And it definitely seems like she'll still be the cunning, vicious seductress she always was.

"It's like his mom on one shoulder- she's the angel- and then there's Kathryn on the other side like the devil," Smith previously explained to People. "They're both kind of pulling for me. Will I become the person my mom raised me to be or am I destined to become like my father and go down that road of power and prestige?"

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