Apparently, Megan Fox wants the world to know that just because she has a pretty face, that doesn't mean she doesn't have anything smart to say. In fact, the Hollywood actress recently went on the record to discuss her intellectual interests and how many people have the wrong impression about her, just because she's considered one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Fox - who is currently expecting her third child with her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green - says that she's no longer fighting the media's perception of her and instead is just going to tell it like it is.

She said, "You know how women that are always cast in James Bond movies are pinups but their job in the movies is always being a marine biologist or neuroscientist? I think people react to me that way. Like, 'Right, she's studying neurobiology.' But I am really interested in that."

What's more, she also says that she's tired of how actresses in the industry are quickly stereotyped by the media simply based on their looks, rather than their abilities. Fox further explained, "I'm not going to keep fighting the image that exists. I think people, in general, are plebeians that are brainwashed by the type of media that they expose themselves to."

The actress then added, "People anticipate a shallowness [from me]. They anticipate a self-centeredness and a lack of self-awareness. It doesn't ... matter what I say, or how eloquent a speaker I may be, or how positive my intentions may be. I'm going to be made in what people desire me to be."

Her new film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is out in theaters now. 

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