'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News And Rumors: Will It Feature The Anime's Final, Bloodiest Arc? [VIDEO]

Fans of Tokyo Ghoul are eagerly awaiting the release of the anime's highly-anticipated third season. Indeed, with the possibility of the anime going back to its roots after the relatively unsuccessful run of Tokyo Ghoul Root A, the premise of a fresh new season which draws its content from the manga is a very attractive notion.

Producers of Tokyo Ghoul have already announced that the anime's third season would be pushed back significantly, with a tentative release date of early 2017. While this would entail a significant amount of additional waiting, fans were quick to note that the later release date would give the manga enough time to cover more of its plot.

If rumors are indeed true and Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is going to be pursuing a plot that is centered around the manga, the decision to release the anime at a later date would indeed be good news. After all, the Tokyo Ghoul :re manga, which is widely speculated to be the source material for the third season, is currently in the middle of its climax.

Indeed, Tokyo Ghoul :re has covered a fair amount of material since it began a couple of years ago. Since both seasons of the Tokyo Ghoul anime ran for 12 episodes each, the current events of Tokyo Ghoul :re seem to be more than enough to warrant yet another 12-episode run.

Since the manga was released, Tokyo Ghoul :re enjoyed acclaim from both fans and critics alike. The original events of the first season of Tokyo Ghoul were already dark and somber, but they are were nothing compared to the bloody, gore-filled action found amidst the intense plot of Tokyo Ghoul :re. If the anime's next season does adopt the events of the manga, then the third season of Tokyo Ghoul might very well be the best one yet.

After all, Kaneki, the protagonist of the franchise, is currently in the middle of a highly-anticipated rematch with his mentor, the overpowered, unbeatable Arima. Considering the characters' history with each other, their battle might very well be the climax of the entire Tokyo Ghoul narrative.

Studio Pierrot definitely as a winner in Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. The firm just has to avoid its mistake with the second season and release an anime that is true to its roots. 

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