Z Nation is going back in ti-i-me.

The Syfy series threw fans headfirst into a post-apocalyptic landscape in season 1, kicking off the story three years after the release of the ZN1 virus. This fall, fans could get a glimpse into the early years of the zombie outbreak when season 3 begins with a special two-hour movie.

Previously teased by Keith Allan (Murphy) back in May, Anastasia Baranova highlighted the film's finer details at Chicago's Walker Stalker Con late last month. Unfortunately, there was one important detail the actress had to leave out.

"We're stating with what I like to refer to as a version of a Doctor Who Christmas special, we're starting with a little Apocalypse special," Baranova teased. "We're going back in time - I won't say when, but we are going back in time to some time. Basically there's a story in and of itself, but it also sets up what happens in season 3."

Viewers will have a chance to meet some new faces, including Operation Bitemark's new foe.

"We meet our bad guy, who then is our new bad guy for season 3, and everything sort of unravels from there," Baranova explained.

Considering the star's affinity for Doctor Who, Baranova felt the need to impress upon fans that the Z Nation crew is not literally traveling back in time. The zombie apocalypse will not be recipient of a little 12 Monkeys action; the movie simply takes place prior to season 2's explosive finale.

Are you excited to see how this side plot will factor into the new season? What time do you think the special will highlight? Sound off in the comments below!

Find out more when Z Nation returns to Syfy this September.