'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2: Where Are The Legends Headed Next & Who With? Brandon Routh Explains [VIDEO]

Legends of Tomorrow will pull back on the throttle in season 2.

Rip Hunter's (Arthur Darvill) team hopped through time at breakneck speed during their search for Vandal Savage, but, now that the Immortal is out of the picture, the Legends will find themselves lingering. Considering casting for the upcoming season includes a lot of references to the 1940's, we feel like we might know where the Waverider will touch down most often this winter.

"I think we'll be spending more time in one time period, it'll be about getting the relationships sorted out after the first season," Brandon Routh (Ray) told Comic Book Movie.

Wherever Hunter's squad lands, they will have the chance to interact with a second superhero team as well the Justice League of America (who, honestly, might be one in the same).

"We are going to meet another super team," executive producer Marc Guggenheim told TV Insider. "Whether or not they all become members of the Legends, that is probably not going to be the case. There's going to be two super teams depicted on Legends next year, I will definitely say that."

Patrick J. Adams' Hourman clued the Legends into the existence of the JSA during the finale, and he and his super-powered pals are expected to make their presence known in season 2.

"You know we're not chasing Savage, so we may not have the, you know, the pressure every episode, so we'll have a little more time to breath, have fun, have more camaraderie, and a few new cast members possibly," Routh explained, according to Comic Book. "We have presence of the JSA coming in. Patrick Adams appears and tells us about this group that we have no idea about and that's kind of the teaser we leave off, and we'll discover that in season 2, apparently."

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Catch the return of Legends of Tomorrow later this year on The CW.

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