It sounds it's going to be a long process before things ever get normal for everyone on The Fosters.

The finale ended with Callie coming clean to Stef and Lena that she did indeed sleep with Brandon. This was a secret that was never meant to be told since it would've damaged Callie's chances of ever becoming adopted.

But Callie had to tell her moms the truth since they were going as far as heading to court for libel on this rumor. And now that they know, it leaves the question if Stef and Lena are ever going to forgive Callie or Brandon from here.

On Wednesday, TV Guide shared details from executive producer Joanna Johnson who said that Callie and Brandon's night in the cabin won't be the only secret that gets revealed.

"Some other secrets have to come out-- it's not just the one thing," Johnson said. "[Stef and Lena] are blown away and blindsided. They also feel betrayed. They feel like the trust they put into Brandon and Callie was clearly for naught."

While that's one storyline coming out, another one that fans can expect is more complications for Jude. Hayden Byerly, who plays this character, previously told Enstarz that Jude is going to continue his struggle of accepting himself for who he is.

"He'll continue to struggle with his balance between being religious and gay, and he'll try to find who he is and he's going to struggle accepting who he is and come to terms with that," Byerly said. "So we'll see that in the beginning right out of the gate actually and probably throughout most of the season."

The Fosters Season 4 premieres on Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.