'Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' News And Updates: Developers, Publisher Initiate Damage Control In E3 2016 [VIDEO]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare made headlines last month after its debut trailer quickly made records. Records for the most downvoted video in YouTube history, that is. With the first glimpse of the game nearing 3 million dislikes in the video streaming platform, the game's developers and publisher seem intent on swaying fans back to their favor.

During the recently-concluded 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Activision, COD: Infinite Warfare's publisher, went all-out in an attempt to turn the tide on its upcoming but already beleaguered game. In fact, Activision had entire meeting rooms, with one showing a demo of Infinite Warfare every 30 minutes, rented out during the event. From what was seen in the 2016 E3 demos, there seems to be far more to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare than what its initial reveal trailer would suggest.

Brian Horton, Infinite Warfare's art director and a veteran of the video game industry with 21 years of experience, described the actual premise of the upcoming game, which, as could be determined from the reveal trailer, is set in the future once more.

"Imagine a scenario where the resources of Earth have been depleted and we have to go to another age of space exploration. It really gets accelerated. The need creates this technology. And that's really what the central conflict is about: the control for the resources that are in space," he said.

During the demo featured at E3, the player's character, named Captain Reyes, fought through the streets of Geneva amidst an invasion from a space army, mowing down enemies as he makes his way to his spacecraft, which he then used to engage in dogfights in space. True to form, each of these sequences is shown in true-born COD FPS fashion.

COD: Infinite Warfare would feature a pretty straightforward plot, with Reyes belonging to the forces of the United Nations Space Alliance, an international organization that is fighting with the Settlement Defense Front, a malevolent group from space that is intent on destroying everything dear to the humans on the planet.

If any, the demo of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at E3 2016 showed that the franchise is very much alive. Despite its extremely negative initial reception, it nonetheless seems to be a game that would definitely please the franchise's most avid fans. 

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