Rumors are speculating that the second season of Attack on Titan would finally begin production sometime next year, mainly due to the anime's creators making it a point to stick to the manga's plot progression as much as possible. With the anime expected to cover yet another four arcs from the manga, fans of Attack on Titan are set for a very long wait.

However, considering the events of the manga, it would be very wise for the producers of the anime to start working on Attack on Titan Season 2 immediately, simply because of the fact that the source material has already covered numerous important events since the conclusion of the Female Titan arc, which was the last arc that was covered by the first season.

For one, the Attack on Titan manga seems to be heading towards its inevitable conclusion, as the latest issue, released this month, featured the death of a very important character. In fact, so many main characters in the manga have already been killed off, it definitely seems like the franchise's creator, Hajime Isayama, is setting up to end the story with a bang.

The latest issue of the Attack on Titan manga so far involved Eren and Armin taking on the Colossal Titan as it heads towards the wall and into the intense battle between Captain Levi and the Beast Titan. With Eren's Rogue Titan outmatched by the 60-meter colossus, Armin hatches a plan to finally best one of the franchise's most massive and most formidable adversaries to date.

However, Armin's plan comes at a very high price--the life of one of the series' main characters who has helped make Attack on Titan as awesome as it is today.

By the end of the latest chapter in the manga, Attack on Titan fans who are following the manga are in shock. After all, Isayama is no stranger to killing off characters in a very wanton manner. However, the character that was killed off, as well as the death's implications to the story, would most probably be one of the triggers for the series' conclusion.

If Attack on Titan Season 2 does enter production soon, one thing is sure. The next season would be far more intense than the first, with the stakes being higher and with the characters becoming far stronger and more mature than they were before.

The next season's finale, however satisfying it might be, would at most be bittersweet. After all, Attack on Titan would not be the acclaimed anime that it is today without a particular character who, despite lacking in fighting skills, more than makes up for his shortcomings by intellectual wit and sheer cunning.