'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News And Updates: Live Action Movie Confirmed, Bad News For Anime's Future? [VIDEO]

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 might be having some production delays, but it seems like the franchise is finally throwing its fans a bone. During the release of Tokyo Ghoul: re Volume 7 manga, a couple of pages indicated that a live-action adaptation of the popular story is currently in the works.

Thus, even if the anime's third season won't be coming soon, fans of Tokyo Ghoul could at least look forward to the release of the manga's live-action adaptation. The announcement was no fluke, either, as Sui Ishida, the man who created Tokyo Ghoul, has confirmed that the project is indeed underway.

As of writing, however, details about the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul are very scarce. Apart from the spread in the manga, as well as the confirmation from the franchise's creator, there is very little information that has been released so far.

What's particularly interesting about Ishida's confirmation, however, lies in his statement that they were able to cast the perfect actor for the role of main character Kaneki Ken. Plus, it appears like Ishida would be actively involved in the production of the live-action movie.

With the creator being fully involved in the live-action film's creation, there is a pretty good chance that Tokyo Ghoul might very well end up transitioning well to the big screen. Though recent attempts at doing this, such as the Attack on Titan live-action movies, have been quite unsuccessful with critics and fans alike, there are also other adaptations, such as the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, which became a critical and commercial success.

Live-action adaptations of popular anime have been pretty much a hit or miss during the last few years, with notably more misses than hits. However, considering that Tokyo Ghoul is a story that is specifically focused on Japan, and the fact that the project has Ishida's blessing, there is a pretty good chance that the live-action adaptation of the popular franchise might ultimately end up as a success. 

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