Bow Wow and Erica Mena might have called it quits in an ugly split; but one thing they can agree on is that one woman was behind their breakup.
They both called out the mother of his child, Joie Chavis, and her alleged jealous ways for coming in between them.

Bow Wow first confirmed it during a very candid interview with DJ VLAD that was released Thursday.

He broke down the drama between Chavis and Mena and said, “I felt like I had to pick between my fiancé and my daughter… My baby mom and Erica had an outing on social media they were going at each other like last week… I’m sipping y tea watching it. I don’t belong to either one of y’all… I don’t want no parts of it.”

He went on to say their issues is “what really spawned” their split.

“[Chavis] didn’t approve,” Bow Wow said. He added that he understood where Chavis was coming from.

“For me, I’m not choosing nothing over my baby… Sometimes I felt like I had to choose and that didn’t feel good.”

Check it out at the 12:51 mark.

Mena caught wind of the interview and confirmed what Bow Wow said. She added that Chavis never liked any of the women Bow Wow dated because Chavis wanted him all to herself.

“She didn’t ‘like’ Angela [Simmons] either. Never allowed Angela to be around the baby as well. Really?? Who doesn’t like Angela Simmons?!?! That’s what you call jealousy and insecurities.”