Beyonce is the kind of celebrity that can make headlines for doing something so simple like breathing but for Wendy Williams, it seems like she's just never going to be impressed with her, despite the fact that she's one of the biggest stars in the entertainment world right now.

There's new speculation that the talk show host might have thrown Beyonce some major shade for apparently bringing the house down during her opening performance with Kendrick Lamar at the BET Awards. And while she's been getting rave reviews, Williams points out that the chart topper didn't even bother sticking around to pick up her awards later that night.

According to the Mirror, Williams threw shade at Beyonce during her most recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

"It was really good [her performance]. Nobody knew Beyonce was going to be there but she showed up and then she had to leave right after her performance. In my mind she went with this ensemble on," she said pointing to a picture of Sunday's outfit.

Williams then added, "How normal is that life? On one hand it seems very glamorous. That you might want that life, but on the other hand it seems like an odd life to perform and then hop on a private plane... and fly to London."

And then Williams hit it where it hurts the most. She said, "She was so hoppalicious her mum Tina accepted the award she won later on in the show. Yeah, because Beyonce had to jump on the plane."

Check out the clip below.