When it comes to Beyonce and her music, there's no doubt that everyone loves her, yet it looks like there's some people in the entertainment industry who would rather keep their membership in the Beehive well hidden.

There's a new report that says Hollywood actor Leonardo di Caprio was spotted having a great time at one of Queen Bey's concerts lately, but was left embarrassed when he realized that other concert goers recognized who he was.

The actor, who loves to frequent the party and concert circuits, was dancing like he didn't have a care in the world during Beyonce's show in New York City as part of her Formation Tour this past Wednesday. According to Page Six over the weekend, once spy said, "Once he was recognized, he pulled on a hoodie and tried to go incognito all night long," before adding, "But he was dancing up a storm."

This isn't the first time Di Caprio has tried to sneak about unnoticed. Both he and his rumored girlfriend Rihanna were spotted getting rather up close and personal during the Coachella festival last April. He's also a regular at hot spots all over the world, from Monaco to New York City and even Los Angeles.

So far, a rep for Di Caprio has not made any comments about the report. Other celebrities in attendance at Beyonce's concert included supermodel Naomi Campbell, who reportedly sat two seats away from Di Caprio.