Just when you thought things couldn't be any more perfect for Jinger Duggar and her new boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo, boy do we have some news for you. Just when the Duggars were beginning to forget about how awful 2015 as to them (thanks mostly to Josh Duggar and his multiple sex scandals), there's a new report that says Jinger's new man isn't as squeaky clean as you'd think he would be.

According to She Knows on Tuesday, Vuolo himself says that he has a very dark past and that he did things that he's not very proud of prior to become a full-time conservative Christian.

In a new clip titled, "Slave of Sin Turned Slave of God," Vuolo, who is also a retired MLS soccer star, admits that he used to drink alcohol at parties and "sin" before giving it up to become a pastor few years ago.

Vuolo says that he used to date and attend parties and "live foolishly" by "slipping deeper and deeper into the pits of lust and selfishness and pride."

Of course, any Duggar fan will know that this is not the way the family does business, as each sister has to have a Jim Bob-approved boyfriend before they begin courting. What's more, the sisters tend to stay home until they begin courting the man they are expected to be married, whereas Vuolo has not only graduated from Syracuse University, but also spent a year abroad in Finland in addition to his MLS career.

So far the Duggars have not responded to Vuolo's admission or his video for that matter either.