'Grimm' Season 6: Do Nick & Juliette Stand A Chance? David Giuntoli Teases 'Very Complicated' Relationship [VIDEO]

Grimm's Juliette is making a comeback...or is she?

Nick's (David Giuntoli) former beau has a complicated history, moving from Scooby gang ally to enemy to a different character all together. The magic stick (that thing really needs a better name) appeared to reawaken Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) within Eve's body as season 5 came to a close, a moment that sent a surge of hope through the hearts of Silverhardt shippers.

Giuntoli, however, isn't optimistic about their chances as a couple.

"There's going to have to be a long kind of couple's therapy for me to even be able to talk to Eve," the actor joked at Wellington's Armaggedon Expo earlier this month.

Should Juliette's characteristics begin to resurface, the monster hunter will be faced with a situation that would leave even Portland's most experienced couple's counselors hitting the bottle.

"Boy, that's going to be a very complicated thing," Giuntoli told fans. "I think Nick doesn't know what the hell Eve is all about. I think he sees traces of Juliette left in her, but Juliette did so many terrible things to Nick late in the last couple of seasons that I think he likes to think that this is somebody completely aside from Juliette, completely apart from Juliette."

Between his mother's death, an attempt on his life, and Nick's new family, Juliette's impending return could make for a very awkward situation indeed.

"If he starts seeing more of Juliette coming back, my lord, that's going to be a complicated relationship," the actor explained. "I have a child...I'm in another relationship now so that would be very complicated."

Do you think Grimm (and Eve!) could handle Juliette's revival? Sound off in the poll below!

Find out more when Grimm returns to NBC this fall. Currently set at 13 episodes, season 6 will open with "Fugitive."

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