'Bloodline' Update: What Norbert Leo Butz Hopes Is Next For Kevin Rayburn [VIDEO]

Norbert Leo Butz had one of the biggest moments of the series in season 2 of Netflix's Bloodline.

***Spoilers through the season 2 finale of Bloodline ahead***

Butz, who plays youngest sibling Kevin Rayburn on Bloodline, was pushed to the breaking point by the end of season 2. After weeks of hiding his knowledge of just how Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) died, it became clear that Marco (Enrique Murciano) had gathered enough evidence to take the whole Rayburn family down. Then, in a moment of desperation, Kevin bludgeoned Marco to death.

This is the last we see of Kevin in season 2, giving fans one heck of a cliffhanger as they wait for season 3. [UPDATE: Netflix just renewed Bloodline for a third season!]

Butz spoke with Yahoo recently about Kevin's big moment and further described how it opens things up for season 3.

"When I did watch it, and see it in context with what's happening with John [Kyle Chandler] and Meg [Linda Cardellini] and Sally [Sissy Spacek], what's happening with Eric [Jamie McShane], what's happening within the world of 'Bloodline', it's like, 'I completely think this is a valid, really valid choice.'" Butz explained. "It's not the only valid choice, but it's really valid. It makes for just incredible possibilities for Season 3, too, so it's also very smart. For all those reasons, again, I just learned, 'Hey, just trust. It's going to be a really good, quality story.'"

The actor also talked about how Kevin is going to have to take responsibility for what he's done.

"If he wants to live, he's going to have to [deal with what he's done]." Butz said. "That's what will be interesting to see. I mean, I hope he lives, literally, because now he has any number of people who want him gone, including his own siblings. I hope for Kevin that no matter what path he goes down, whether it's on the good or the bad side of the law, I want him to believe that it's right. I want him to be unapologetic in the thing he does next."

Bloodline's first two seasons are available to stream now on Netflix.

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